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CinemaHD 4

  • Upscaling and downscaling videos
  • Video converter for high and normal resolution videos
  • Converts DVD-videos and video files

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CinemaHD 4

Have you saved your videos or your movies on your computer and now you would like to watch it on your TV? Of course, you could burn the video on a DVD-disc, but in most cases the image quality will suffer. You think, there might be a better solution? The solution is CinemaHD.

CinemaHD converts your videos and movies in a way that they will be displayed optimal on your respective device. Additionally, you can choose comfortably your device from a list. Furthermore, the software converts your videos to high definition and achieves the best possible resolution. The background of this innovative performance is the ODU-technology (Object Detection Upscaling), which is able to resolve scaling errors and scaling artifacts visibly and better than common methods from Spline or Lanczos. With only a few mouse clicks you can create HD-files out of DVD-videos (or single chapters).

CinemaHD offers numerous settings in order to achieve an optimal conversion for your device. You can decide about the quality of the conversion and if a lower quality is fine, you can save memory space. Additionally, you can select the resolution of your converted video file. Under “Audio settings” you can select channel, bit rate and sample rate. In order that your selected settings for resolution and frame rate are displayed identically on every device, you can choose in your last step, if you want to keep your settings. The change of the settings affects the bit rate and the file size of your output file.

Is the adjustment of advanced settings too complex? Then CinemaHD will select these automatically and converts your video file optimal for your respective device. The created files can be played on numerous devices, e.g. Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Apple TV, DVD-players, MPEG-4-players, hard disc players, streaming-clients, Home Theatre PCs and others.

*CinemaHD 4 is not able to convert DVD-videos or other videos with effective copy protection.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8
  • Min. 512 Megabyte RAM (1 GB MByte recommended)
  • A CPU with at least 1 GHz; for high defined videos a modern dual core CPU is recommended, or at least a processor with 2 GHz
  • An MP3 Codec must be present on the system; MP3 Codecs from Windows Media Player 10/11/12 as well as lame_enc.dll are supported.
  • Graphic Card with overlay-function (for display of preview)
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


An easy to handle video-optimizer, which complies HD-standard.

CHIP 100 DVD 10/2011:
Due to the powerful CHIP100-full version CinemaHD, you can create full-HD-videos from old video recordings with bad standard resolution. However, the software cannot only handle with old video recordings, but also with videos from DVDs and mobile phones.

CHIP 10/2013:
Due to various video techniques, CinemaHD by Engelmann creates high defined videos with DVD quality from blurred mobile phone recordings.

com! 11.2011
The software uses various algorithms to compute new pixels and enlarge the resolution of videos. With an impressive quality!

PC-Welt 11.2010
We do not know any software with similar functions!

ComputerVideo 12.2009
The picture quality is impressively good!


  • CinemaHD 4 converts videos of nearly all source formats from one standard to another. The application supports reading and conversion of DVD-videos, single DVD-chapters as well as video formats AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, VOB, MPG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2), MPEG-4 (DivX 3.11 to 6, Xvid, Nero Digital etc.) and MJPEG
  • CinemaHD 4 converts DVD-videos (or single chapters) as well as video files with only a few mouse clicks into compressed videos that are optimally adjusted to your respective device
  • For an unproblematic and automated creation of videos, CinemaHD 4 provides integrated profiles, e.g. for resolution, picture quality and bit- and frame rates. They guarantee perfect settings on delivery - but can also be adjusted by the user
  • CinemaHD 4 supports all common resolutions: 320x240, 640x480, PAL, NTSC, up to 720p, HD Ready and FullHD
  • Optimized device profiles replace manual settings. CinemaHD 4 creates videos for Apple TV, DivX-, Xvid- AVI-files for MPEG-4-compatible DVD-players (incl. full HD resolutions), MPG-files with MPEG-2-video and MP2-sound for DVD- and SVCD-players, MP4-files with MPEG-4-ASP-video and AAC-sound track for compatible Nero Digital-players, MP4-files with H.264/AVC-video for PS3 and PS4, WMV-files for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, MJEPG files for the Nintendo Wii. Detailed background knowledge about individual devices and/or long Internet research to find the correct options are not required
  • CinemaHD 4 converts resolutions with high quality, e.g Standard-PAL to 720p. Capable filters ensure optimum results when enlarging or reducing images. The following methods are available: Bi-linear, Bicubic, Nearest Neighbour, Spline 16, Spline 32, Lanczos 3, Lanczos 4, Gaussian and ODU
  • The video conversion automatically considers the correct aspect ratio
  • Converts with a resolution up to 4K2K - that is four times High Definition!


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Frequently Asked Questions


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CinemaHDVersion: 4
File size:19.9 MB
Compatible with:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (both 32- and 64-bit)
Languages:German, English, French


CinemaHD 4

  • Complete new user interface
  • Many new functions, e.g. 4K2K Support
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