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Photomizer 2

Optimize and repair digital photos

  • Our innovative object recognition ensures that only those parts of a picture are optimized, which are important for the overall impression.
  • Artefact filters in order to eliminate flaws from pictures
  • Repairfunction for optimization of scanned photos, e.g. for elimination of tears.

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Photomizer 2 – The solution to your problems?

It is frustrating: Even with the best cameras, one only gets ordinary results. It is obvious: the photos could clearly be better. Dreary colours could be pepped up, image could be sharpened and details could be highlighted. Especially, brightness has to be adjusted, as most of the photos are too dark. You also want to edit scanned photos? Wouldn't it be great to have a software which deals with picture optimization and repair and which is at the same time easy to handle?

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Optimize your photos with one single click!

Photomizer 2 makes the most out of your photos – with one single mouse click. Thus, you will get perfect results without training period. Even if you want to optimize a large number of photos, this is not a problem due to the batch mode. Thanks to predefined profiles, you will always find the correct settings for your photos.

Photos, which otherwise would have landed in Windows recycle bin, can be rescued effortlessly with Photomizer 2. You can optimize your photos with only one mouse click. Thus, fog is automatically removed by the software. Your pictures will appear in a new light, colours will shine again, contrasts will get sharper and more details will be seen.

Optimize and repair your photos!

With the integrated batch mode, even large numbers of photos can be optimized easily without changing the original. You can choose the amount of the optimization for every photo individually. The preview function allows you to compare the original to the optimized photo at any time.

Photomizer 2 even optimizes scans of old dias and paper prints without any problems. It does not matter if a photo is denoised or if there are artefacts or cracks on a photo: The software can fix those bugs automatically.

Save time with integrated profiles!

Thanks to integrated profiles, you can optimize your photos even faster. Every profile offers various settings, which avoid a tedious and time-consuming training period. The selected profile can be used for a set of images – the so-called batch mode. Thus, you can save a lot of time.

The software already contains various profiles, which have been created with the help of experienced photographers. They assist with optimization of digital photos, dias, negatives, web cam pictures, scans and snapshots made with a mobile phone.

System requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32- and 64-Bit)
  • .NET Framework 4.0 (is installed automatically if required)
  • Min. 1 Gigabyte RAM (2 GByte recommended) - the greater the memory capacity, the better!
  • CPU with at least 1 GHz, a fast Dual-Core or even Quad-Core computer recommended
  • Online Internet connection required to activate the software
Kompatibel mit Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Press Reviews


Photomizer makes optimization very easy. One click is enough to improve colour, brightness and contrast. It cannot be easier.

Ausgabe 1/2013

If you add an image to Photomizer, it will be optimized immediately.

Ausgabe 1-2/2013

Photomizer 2 automatically sets parameters like exposure, contrast and colour saturation. Noise and artefact filters are new features of the software. A great feature of Photomizer 2 is an easy to understand tool in order to achieve detailed and colour intense images.

c’t Foto-Sonderheft Ausgabe 02/2013

With Photomizer 2 you improve your photo treasures quickly. The software provides a very simple user experience, which allows it to set photos into the right light or correct image flaws even for beginners.

Ausgabe 10/2013

With Photomizer you achieve great results in the image optimization even without previous knowledge.

Ausgabe 10/2013

Photomizer gets the most out of images, which at first sight seemed to be lost. Shades are brightened, colours are optimized, too bright areas are darkened and if needed, the images will be sharpened. The results are partially amazing.


Photomizer is a fast and simple solution for many challenges concerning light and colour correction. In addition, it includes various advanced tools.

c’t Digital Photography Ausgabe 11/2013

A great number of settings

Photomizer 2 optimizes your photos automatically. Thereby, the software considers the aspects of colour adjustment, object recognition, redistribution of tonality, white balance, resharpening and setting of shades, saturation, contrast optimization and the bright/dark correction. Furthermore, settings for the increase of richness of details and colors, compensation of matt colors, elimination of fog and other negative weather conditions can be adjusted and unwanted color casts can be eliminated.

Supported output formats

Memory-saving JPG for web applications, mobile devices and for playback on screens as well as BMP for permanent archiving in high definition.

Noise filter

Photomizer 2 can remove noise, for example, in snapshots that were taken under unfavourable light conditions.


The photo is twisted? No problem, just rotate it into the correct position!

Support of various input formats

Photomizer 2 reads besides of the common formats like JPG, BMP and TIFF also many RAW-formats (*.raw, *.crw, *.orf, *.3fr, *.nef, *.raf, *.mrw, *.nrw, *.dng, *.cr2, *.arw, *.x3f, *.rw2).

Batch conversion

Fully automatic batch mode for manipulation of complete photo collections. New: If requested, all original paths are kept during storage.

Non-destructive image editing

The original photo remains unchanged in all steps.

Manual optimization

Additional options for an individual post processing of single pictures – also in full-screen mode.

Statistics function

The statistics function provides you an overview of how many photos were already optimized.


Reading and displaying of EXIF- and GEO-data from digital camera photos.

Fake-HDR function

Create HDR-similar images with one single photo!

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Overview of Photomizer-products

At a glance you can see all distinctive features of the different Photomizer versions. In simple terms, Photomizer 2 plus Photomizer Retro is Photomizer Pro!

  Photomizer 2 Photomizer Retro Photomizer Pro
  Photomizer 2 Photomizer Retro Photomizer Pro
Image optimization Ja   Ja
Image repair Ja   Ja
Batch processing Ja Ja Ja
Image-retro effects   Ja Ja
Image frames   Ja Ja
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Frequently asked questions

What is an SDK?

A Software Development Kit (SDK) is a collection of libraries, classes and interfaces including documentation, which is to facilitate the creation of computer programs. It enables software developers to create their own applications based on this kit. Our tool kit aims at providing other developers with our innovative, automatic image optimization.

Our technology for your software!

You have developed software for the handling of digital images and you now require a crowd-puller, which makes it more universal and outstanding from the mass of competitors? No problem, we got it! Our SDK is a photo enhancer that completes your program with two editing modules:

Photomizer Natural Enhancement

Photomizer Natural Enhancementor, or Photomizer NE, is a complex network of psycho-visual and mathematical procedures, which enables the software to analyze precisely any photo, optimize it and make it look more realistic for example. Main component here is the intelligent reconstruction of the photo, as it was originally perceived by the human eye. An innovative, selective object recognition guarantees that only those image parts are edited that need to be optimized. This makes the Photomizer NE a 'fully automatic photo lab in the trouser pocket': The dynamic range of the images is increased, faces are recognized as constituents of the photo and scaled according to their relevance, faulty exposures are compensated, colours are corrected and shades are brightened up. The software itself decides which parts of the image have to be optimized. You can integrate Photomizer Natural Enhancement (Photomizer NE) as single step as well as for batch processing into your application; on request, single options can be changed separately.

Photomizer Upscaling

A proprietary development as well, this component allows enhancing the photos. It mainly relies on our ODU (Object Detection Upscaling) proprietary development, which can even handle a fourfold enlargement of the original (whilst simultaneously improving the quality) - a function which so far was only possible with very expensive special hardware. It goes without saying that well-known algorithms like e.g. Spline, Lanczos and Gaussian are also integrated in our Photomizer upscaling component.

Please note: All functions are portable and can be used in hardware- as well as in any software environment. Contact us if you want to get more information!


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File size:51.22 MB
Manual:German, English
Compatible with:Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (both 32- and 64-bit)
Languages:German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Georgian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, Taiwanese, Greek, Croatian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Slovenian, Slovakian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Czech, Portuguese



  • Better compatibility with AMD CPUs
  • Fixed EXIF and RAW problems
  • Fixed translations
  • fixed minor details in the user interface
  • SSE2 support is not a system requirement anymore
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