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Videomizer 2

Optimize, stabilize and convert digital videos

  • Video recordings optimized quickly and easily: Full automatically optimization mode makes videos visibly more beautiful and repairs unattractive flaws.
  • Stabilization of video recordings and reduction of blurred and fuzzy videos to create a professional picture impression
  • Video files can be converted into different formats, which offers flexibility regarding purpose and terminal equipment.

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Videomizer 2

Reduction of blurred video recordings and removes undesired sideward- or other camera movements by stabilization

Videomizer 2 uses several technical processes in order to stabilize digital video recordings. In practice, the user benefits in numerous ways and thus can reduce errors, which might appear due to faulty operation of the camera or technical weaknesses. Was no image stabilizer or stand during the recording available, Videomizer 2 can correct these freehand recordings. Also vibrations while using a stand or tracking shots will be removed via software calculations. Furthermore, video recordings can be stabilized, which were taken out of moving objects (e.g. vehicle etc.) or have a moving motive as an object (e.g. birds, airplanes). Also geometry distortions can be removed. An unsteady zoom, which might occur due to manual recording, can be adjusted. Videomizer 2 is a high-performance software, which allows you to correct suboptimal environment conditions or handling errors even after the recording. Wouldn’t it be nice to easily remove flaws, which happened during the recording? With Videomizer 2 no problem!

Better video quality due to extensive optimization

Videomizer 2 offers a comprehensive procedure to optimize digital video files. Optimization cannot be easier due to the automatic correction. However, the wanted degree of optimization can be selected by the user via various setting possibilities. Videomizer 2 identifies with its automatic object recognition, which areas of a single frame need to be optimized. The fully automatic system decides, which adjustments concerning tonal value, sharpness and contrast values make sense and according to that the software takes the required action. Shade and saturation ensure a realistic colour-reproduction – range of colours will be optimized and look more lively. Also fog, which might occur due to weather conditions, can be reduced. Additionally, Videomizer 2 takes scene changes into consideration in order to avoid an unbalanced optimization. All in all, the optimization of Videomizer 2 gives your video a more realistic impression. Wouldn’t it be desirable to visibly optimize your videos with just few clicks? With Videomizer 2 it is an easy task!

Video conversion made easy!

Various purposes and terminal equipment require different file formats. While certain scenarios require a loss-free file format without considering the file size, there are also compact file formats which are more practical. Also particular terminal equipment is not compatible with all file formats, why a conversion is needed. Videomizer 2 offers an extensive range of options to convert video files for any purpose. Besides of the customization options like resolution, bitrate, frame rate and audio attributes (channels, bitrate, and sample rate) it is also possible to adjust the image ratio –for instance black bars can be eliminiated with high-quality scaling filters. Videomizer 2 supports the input formats DVD- video, AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MPG, TS, AVCHD, and more. As output formats AVI, MPG, MP4 and WMV are supported. Preset profiles, e.g. for Apple iPod, Apple iPad, Android- devices or like PlayStation Portable, simplify the process of optimization for terminal equipment with particular operating systems or screen resolutions. Numerous input formats for more compatibility or reduced memory requirements? Convert fast and uncomplicated? That works easy with Videomizer 2!

Clearly structured user interface and an intuitive handling!

Videomizer 2 not just features a powerful technique, but also a clearly arranged and intuitive comprehensible control concept. The best software would be useless, if the user cannot use it effectively. Highlight of the control concept of Videomizer 2 is among other things the real- time preview: therefore, your basic raw material and the result can be compared immediately with the dual view. Due to the clear and self-explaining menu design is no training needed. Optimization, stabilization and conversion are running fully automatic and support unexperienced user. Experienced users are able to set various factors manually or to save time with using the automatic mode. Video editing and optimization with no extensive training and previous knowledge? No problem with Videomizer 2 due to a structured user interface and a convenient automatic mode.

System requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (both 32- and 64-Bit)
  • min. 1 Gigabyte RAM, 2 GB recommended
  • a computer CPU with at least 1GHz. Especially the real-time preview requires a lot of resources
  • .NET 4 Framework (is installed automatically if necessary)
  • Online internet connection required to enable the software

Press reviews

PC Welt 10/2012:
Videomizer optimizes your self-made video films in record time. The smart media tool does the entire work for you and optimizes your digital treasures fully automatic.

Computer Bild 01/2012:
The software improves for instance the contrast, white balance and colour faults. The program does even rotate an entire film in segments of 90 degrees. Moreover, it converts your videos into the well-known formats.

PC Welt Online:
Videomizer functions with the common formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MPG or TS in order to fully automatic optimize them. Matt colours will be refreshed, contrasts are amplified and the lighting conditions are optimized. In short: Movies, which were too dark, will be more colour-intensive, new details can be seen and colours look like during the recording.

Videomizer converts movie files into the common formats. Also included are functions for optical image improvement and an easy cutting module.

PC Praxis 11/2012:
Videomizer offers a professional optimization with just a few clicks. Colours will be refreshed automatically, brightness and contrast will be optimized, video details improved and movies resharpened.


  • Stabilization of unsteady handheld recordings
  • Compensation of vibrations during recording
  • De-blurring of tracking shots
  • Smoothing of videos taken from moving objects
  • Compensation of geometric distortions
  • Compensation of juddering zooms


  • Automatic object recognition; only those image parts are manipulated, which help optimize the overall impression
  • Fully automatic re-adjustment of tonality, re-sharpening and contrast optimization
  • Colour-intensive and more cheerful images through higher definition and re-sharpening of matt colours
  • Correction of shade, saturation, white balance and light-dark ratio
  • Elimination of fog and other weather influences and undesired colour casts
  • Manual adjustment of optimization on request


  • Adjustment options for resolution, bit rate, frame rate
  • Adjustment of audio attributes (channels, bitrate, samplerate)
  • Image size optimization
  • High-quality scale filters
  • Supported input formats: DVD-Video, AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MPG, TS, AVCHD, Blu-ray and more
  • Supported output formats: AVI, MPG, MP4 und WMV
  • Preset profiles for particular terminal equipment are available
  • Fully automatic batch mode

User interface and handling

  • Real-time preview with dual view (comparison between basic raw material and the result)
  • Clearly structured menu overview
  • No training required
  • Fully automatic optimization
  • Manual adjustable optimization settings and criteria for conversion


  • Videomizer is a high-performance software, which stabilizes, optimizes and converts digital video recordings. Due to the fully automatic mode and numerous technical implementations the user is able to save time and nevertheless achieve satisfying results. Why invest time and nerves, if it can be so easy?

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Here you can find some examples for the stabilization, which is implemented in Videomizer. Above the original and below the stabilized photo. All videos can be watched in fullscreen mode.

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File size:53.0 MB
Manual:German, English
Compatible with:Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (both 32- and 64-bit)
Languages:German, English, French, Polish, Russian, Dutch



  • Added support for MOV files

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